Valiant College Preparatory is a fully accredited independent school that prepares its students for college and life.  Our student population represents a diverse cross-section of socio-economic levels, ethnic backgrounds and academic achievement.

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Valiant College Preparatory

Our Mission Statement

VCP students will live by a set of principles and standards that can be applied to daily living. To encourage the formation of high personal standards and to demonstrate respect for all human beings. Our students will develop positive habits that lead toward long-term success and happiness.  Habits such as self-discipline and the internal drive and desire to become the best you can be. We will develop a mindset that guides our students toward specific goals for self-improvement, and to develop a non-quitting spirit to overcome obstacles and become a successful achiever. We will instill a mindset of going through obstacles, never around them!

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Valiant College Preparatory

3024 E. Fillmore St.

Phoenix, AZ 85008

Phone Number 480-758-5223