Fall 2020 Schedule of Events

Nov 11 - Cross Country Meet - Cross Country Team

Nov 12 and 14- Sammie Henson running Practice 1:45-3:45 Nov 12th, 8am-10am Nov14. Sammie Henson is a World Champ, Olympic Silver medalist, NCAA champ.- Everyone Nov 13- Nick Suriano running practice 12:30-2:30 Nick Suriano NCAA Champion.- Everyone

Nov 18 - Cross Country Meet - Cross Country Team Nov 21-22 Tulsa, Oklahoma Tulsa Kickoff- Selected wrestlers Nov 21-22 Orlando, FL Sunshine Duals- Selected Wrestlers Nov 28th Glendale, AZ Vision Quest-Everyone Dec 5,6 Bullhead city, AZ Smash Nationals- Everyone Dec 11,12,13 Valiant/Thorobred Facility Training with Poway- Matches and training for Middle school and High school.  Poway is bringing 20 Middle school and 20 High school. 2 workouts on the 11,12 and one on the 13th.-Everyone

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