Kaden Larkin Student Of the Month

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Congrats Kaden!

Kaden is such a delight to have in all class's.  He is a student who wastes no time! He comes into class, gets busy working on his assignments, participates in class, & follows instructions. Because of his outstanding work habits as a student, he excels academically.  On top of being a great student, Kaden is also a great person.  He is friendly, kind, & always smiling.  He lights up any room he walks into with his positive personality. He often volunteers to help out in the classroom. Kaden is a student who exhibits all the characteristics of a Valiant student of the month every day.  As a result, his classmates see Kaden as a leader & someone they can count on.  Kadens hard work, passion for learning, & a desire to do well is a great combination for success!

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