USMC US Open Wrestling Championships Results!

World Team Trials and The Girls High school Showcase kicked off this past weekend at South Point Arena. Male athletes trying to qualify in a best-of-three series for the chance to represent the USA in Rome, Italy. Registered athletes for both styles could qualify for the U17 Pan American Championships in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

America’s Greco-Roman team was set on Thursday. Nine of the 10 Greco-Roman representatives registered for freestyle as well, with the ultimate goal of becoming a double-champion and earning the right to represent the USA in both styles in Italy.

The Brackets were loaded with talent this weekend. Brackets included three 2021 U17 freestyle champions, eight U15 freestyle champions, two U17 Greco-Roman champions, and seven returning U15 Greco-Roman champions. Valiant Came out on top with 2 Champions, one double-champion and multiple placers!

Girls High School Showcase results

First Place: Karlee Brooks | 112 lbs | Freestyle

Eighth Place: Genesis Cejudo | 106lbs | Freestyle

World Team Trials

First Place: Christian Castillo | 48 Kgs | Freestyle

First Place: Christian Castillo | 48 Kgs | Greco-Roman

First Place: Kyler Larkin | 60 Kgs | Freestyle

Second Place: Kaleb Larkin | 65 Kgs | Freestyle

Fourth Place: Emilio Ysaguirre | 61 Kgs | Freestyle

Fifth Place: Robert Ibarra | 75 Kgs | Freestyle

Eighth Place: Derek Guanajuato | 60 Kgs | Freestyle

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